Meet Rose

Rose Archer headshot


Hi! Im Rose Archer and I have been a chef for 18 years. Im passionate about teaching the connection between the food we put in our bodies and how we feel about ourselves. Over the years I taught many cooking classes and saw how much easier it was for the students to learn a new concept when they saw it done versus reading about it. I found a passion for demystifying cooking, to show people how easy most cooking is if you know what to look (and taste!) for.

The name Good Food Girl came about as I was trying to explain what my cooking style was. I make good for you food, most of the time, but I also make really good tasting food. I won’t sacrifice good flavor just because its good for you. I want to love what Im eating. I don’t want to live in deprivation. Im setting out to show people that eating healthy, delicious and beautiful is possible.  I hope you enjoy this site! Leave a comment with recipe requests!

If you are curious, here is a link to a podcast interview about my life. Warning; it gets deep!