Welcome to the Good Food Girl

 Hello! My name is Rose. I have been a chef for 18 years and I am the Good Food Girl. I am interested in sharing recipes, ideas and thoughts on the food we prepare and eat and the connection we have with our bodies. I believe the more we value ourselves the more we are motivated to provide good food as a means of nourishment for our bodies and soul. I want to start a conversation that builds strength for all of us.
Why Good Food Girl?

 By “good” I mean good tasting ALL of the time. By “good” I also mean good for you MOST of the time….But I also mean good as in just plain delicious (think creme brûlée) SOME of the time. Listening to our bodies and letting it guide us toward foods that become a lifestyle and not a “diet”. I won’t eat food that is yucky just because it is healthy and I won’t gorge on foods meant to be an occasional treat (mmmmmm Brownies!) because it makes my body feel badly later. Balance is my pathway. Is it yours? 

ripe figs on white background